Chiefs Super Bowl LVII Champions

Well, the Chiefs are Super Bowl Champs again, beating the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35 on February 12, 2023. As a long time season ticket holder, winning the Super Bowl twice in four years is a big event. It kinda makes the many losing seasons I have been through all worthwhile. Even the winning seasons, except for long ago, never got us to the Super Bowl. There is not much there yet, but if you want to see my Chiefs page, click here.

In addition to the Chiefs, I like to work outside - gardening and beekeeping mainly. I have lived on an acreage for more than 30 years, but in late 2020, I was able to buy the house next to it which gives me a better quality house and a pole barn from which to work. I am retaining the old home, but it and the out buildings on the property will be torn down and I will use the property for gardening/agricultural projects, recreation and nature preservation. The properties are surrounded on three sides by forest and park land with a few rather distant neighbors on the fourth side. It is an environment that I much prefer to one in which neighbors are only a wall or a few feet way.

I try to plant a lot of white dutch clover and native flowers for the bees and butterflies, especially the magnificent Monarchs. Native plants, in particular, require less work and most tend to be more drought and deer tolerant than non-natives and most beneficial to bees and butterflies.

Additionally, I dream of eventually being totally off-grid by installing solar and possibly wind energy devices. I have a rainy weather creek that runs through my original property and there are a number of places where ponds might be built to supply water for plants and other needs around the property.

All of my dogs and many of my cats have died, but I have some new cats. I consider them my kids, so their stories are under the My Kids link. My genealogy is a fascinating subject for me since it ties me and my family into history - some significant, but most only of personal interest. As with everything on this website, as events happen and I learn new things, I will be updating the site.

If all those things are not enough work to occupy me, I am very active at KKFI-FM, 90.1, in Kansas City, MO. We are a community radio station staffed almost entirely by volunteers. And in support of independent media, I am active in a group called Friends of Community Media.

I am an atheistic humanist and progressive politically and try to stay active in those activities. I continue to maintain websites that promote my beliefs and provide links to the free thought groups that remain in the Kansas City area.

Of course, you can learn a lot about me by simply browsing through this website, but more direct information can be found on my genealogy page and on the my page About this website.

Deer in the Winter


Deer are a rather constant visitor at my place since I live next to park land. I think they are rather awesome creatures and love having them around. I do have to take them into account when selecting and placing plants, but it is cool to live in harmony with them.

Last revised on September 12, 2023.