Of all the things for which there is to live, it seems that foremost is the ability to see nature and the immense beauty of our world and the universe. Living in the country or close to it, provides many more options for seeing nature than if I were living in the city. Furthermore, I find living in a rural or semi rural area much more relaxing than living in the city. In the country, you get to "talk to the plants and animals", so to speak. So, I like to preserve my experiences as they happen.

I am not a professional photographer, but high quality smart phones with cameras allow us to take pictures of so many more things. So, I try to take pictures of the nature that surrounds me as it happens. I have many pictures and am always on the lookout for more. Below are links to some of the pictures that I have taken. They do not match what professional nature photographers can do, but I know that these are my experiences.

The Nature of Nature
Is Nature a Mother or a Real Motha'

How many times have you heard about what Mother Nature has done? Mother Nature cares for baby animals. Mother Nature brought us a bright shiny day. Mother Nature dumped 10 inches of snow on us. The list of this world's phenomena that is attributed to Mother Nature could go on and on.

So, why do we attribute all of these happenings to Mother Nature? All of my life I learned that God created the universe and directs its happening. Furthermore, we call him a father, not a mother. So why do we call nature a mother and god a father, yet it looks like they do about the same thing. And, do either exist?

Of course, when people think of nature, we think of nature as supplying heat, light, water and the like which are all essential elements for the existence of life as we know it. Mothers, especially in the mammal world, are generally caring of their young and, therefore, it is very easy to look at all of nature in the same caring and loving way. Thus, the word "nature" can easily be used in association with the word "mother".

The problem is that nature can be very cruel. Natural phenomenon such as earth quakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, typhoons and the like are easy to see and understand. What most people do not understand is that all wild animals live in constant danger and fear of death. Every day is a struggle to find enough food and provide for its shelter and to stay away from the predators which most beings have.

Most mothers, human ones, at least, are far more caring and loving than nature is to its beings. Therefore, to associate the word mother with nature is probably not fair to most mothers.

It is just something to think about, but I do love nature, none-the-less!

Last revised on August 31, 2023.