I have been raising bees for several years, though I am not in the honey business. I do it mainly because I find those little creatures to be fascinating and they are valuable for the pollinations of plants. Below are some pictures of my bee hives. I plan to have 7 hives, though throughout 2023, I had only 6 hives. The empty space in one of the pictures below is where the other is to go. Actually, I had a hive there in 2022 and early in 2023, but for some reason it did not make it into the summer. We will, also, see how the others do over this winter. You will note that each hive is painted a different color. The bees really do not care about the color of the hives, I do not think, but the different colors help me identify the hives and how they are doing.

West Bees (looking from the east)

WEST BEES (looking from the east)

West Bees (looking from the west)

WEST BEES (looking from the west)

East Bees


Last revised on October 16, 2023.