I have been a fan and season ticket holder of the Kansas City Chiefs football club for many, many years. I started going in 1969 and first bought season tickets in 1974, so 2024 will be my 51st season as a Chiefs season ticket holder.

Of course, my first year in 1969 was the first time that we won what is now called the Super Bowl. That plus those beautiful passes from Len Dawson to Otis Taylor and a bunch of other things got me hooked on Chiefs football. What happened thereafter, however, was often very disappointing, but I hung into it and then, after 50 years, we won Super Bowl LIV and then Super Bowls LVII and LVIII. Luckily, my family did not have to visit my grave to let me know the good news as did the families of many Cubs fans when that team won the World Series in 2016. It is unfortunate, however, that I was not able to go to any of the Super Bowls.

I do not have much posted yet. But in order to put some order to it, I intend to divide this topic into subheaders as follows:

Last revised on February 17, 2024.