On this page are my earliest ancestors who were ancestors of my maternal grandfather, Frank Noland. As with every family tree, there are many family surnames in this tree, not just Nolands. I have to have a name for this group and it is normal - right or wrong - to use the name of the male that goes back consistently.

Of course, the people on this tree were, also, early settlers in what is now the United States. The first settler named Noland was Pierce Noland, son of Pierce Nowland who is on the far right side of the tree on this page. Pierce Nowland never came to the "new world". Probably the most noteworthy person on this tree is Col. James Smallwood who was prominent in Maryland in the 1600s and early 1700s. I should note that the name Noland appears in various different spellings which is he result of records being different which in turn probably is caused by early settlers not being literate or having the resources for learning to spell consistently.

This tree differs from the other trees in the genealogy section in that on the far left of the tree three brothers are listed. There were other siblings, but these three are shown because all appear on the tree of later Nolands. Due to the marriage of James Morgan Pitcher and Angeline Noland and then later the marriage of their daughter, Thetis Clark Pitcher to Aaron M. Noland, James, Ledstone and Jesse Noland are all in my ancestry. For the tree of the most recent Nolands, click here.

I am trying to discover as much information about my ancestors as possible and what I do have can be found in individual essays on each person. The following tree is mapped and, if you are looking at it on a full-sized laptop or desktop, you can click on the name and be linked to what information I have. If you are looking at this post on a smart phone or a tablet, clicking on the name will probably not work. Therefore, I have created a linking list following the tree, so use that.


Daniel Nowland
Dennis Connell
Henrietta Smallwood
James Noland
James Smallwood
Jesse Noland
Ledstone Noland
Ledstone Smallwood
Mary Connell
Mary O'Bryan
Matthias O'Bryan
Pierce Noland
Pierce Nowland
Stephen Nowland

Last revised on August 16, 2023.