James Soloman Cross


My trip to see my aunt in January of 2004, produced not only the name of my Cross great-great-grandfather but, also, the picture on this page. Key information about him is listed below.

The 1900 Census for Fremont County, Iowa, provides the best evidence of the origins of his parents. James is shown being born in Illinois, his father being born in Kentucky and his mother being born in Tennessee. For now, my search into the history of the Crosses goes no further back than this information, but it is something upon which to build.

A question might be raised as to the correct spelling of James' middle name since the most common spelling is "Solomon". Family Bible records clearly spell his name "Soloman" and that is the only source from which I have obtained his full middle name. All other references use only his initial of "S". I, therefore, am using what was written by his family.

While still in Illinois he met and married his wife, Mary DeHart who was eight years his senior. A newspaper article about the death of Mary (see Mary DeHart) indicates that they moved to Iowa in 1849, but this appears to be incorrect and a more likely date is 1859. The reason I believe the newspaper article to be incorrect is the family Bible records clearly state that James Martin Cross, their only son, was born in 1859 in Illinois. Additionally, the 1870 Census shows that James S. and Mary Cross were living in Marion Township of Harrison County, Iowa. Their daughters, Susan, age 15, and Sarah, age 13 and son, James, age 11, are all shown being born in Illinois. Simple mathematics, puts the Crosses in Illinois during the 1850's. Mary, a third daughter, is shown as being 9 years old and being born in Iowa. The 1870 Census, thus, gives us evidence that that sometime between James' birth in 1859 and Mary's birth in 1861, the family moved to Iowa.

A letter written to my grandmother in 1967 by her cousin, Marie, contains the following about James S. Cross: "Co.A. 32nd Ia Vol discharged for disability". Thus, I conclude that James served in the Civil War for the Union. I have not had time to research this information. The same letter, also, lists Susan, Sarah, James and Mary followed by the words "my mother" with no name. Thus, there is some possibility there was a fourth daughter, but I do not know her name.

At some point the Crosses moved south to Fremont County, Iowa. This move probably occurred sometime between 1879 and 1884 since James Soloman's son James Martin had a daughter in Harrison County, Iowa, in 1879 and then was married in Riverton, Fremont County, Iowa, in 1883. It appears that James Martin was previously married, but I have not been able to determine to whom and when the marriage occurred. I presume it occurred in Harrison County.

The 1900 Census show James S. Cross living in Riverton, Fremont County, Iowa with a 27-year-old grandson named James H. Harding and a 7-year-old grandson named James Cross. James Harding must be the son of James Soloman's daughter Susan who is identified in the above mentioned newspaper article about the death of Mary DeHart as Susan Harding. I am not sure who the parents of the 7-year-old James Cross is as James Soloman only had one son, James Martin, and I show him having no son named James. Of course, an adoption by James Soloman and a change of last name is possible.

James Soloman Cross died on February 23, 1908, in Riverton, Iowa. One can only assume that he is buried in the Riverton Cemetery with his wife, although I have no statement to that effect.

Key Information:

  • Birth:
    • Father: Name is unknown, but he was born in Kentucky
    • Mother: Name is unknown, but she was born in Tennessee
    • Date: March 7, 1830
    • Place: Illinois
  • Marriage:
    • Spouse: Mary DeHart
    • Daughter of:
      • Father: Unknown
      • Mother: Unknown
    • Date: August 4,1853
    • Place: Illinois
  • Children:
    • Susan I. Cross, born December 12, 1854, in Illinois
    • Sarah L. Cross, born March 24, 1857, in Illinois
    • James Martin Cross, born April 18, 1859, in Illinois
    • Mary J. Cross, born October 12, 1861, in Iowa
  • Death:
    • Date: February 23, 1908
    • Place: Riverton, Iowa
    • Cause: Unknown
    • Burial: Probably Riverton Cemetery