According to information obtained from Nell Stewart Johnson, Aaron was born on Miller Creek, Estill County, Kentucky, between the Sheffield and Sudist fork of said creek, on August 30, 1828. He went to Pitcher bottom on the Kentucky River in 1832. He came to Jackson County on November 24, 1847, left for California on May 8, 1850, arrived in California on August 19, 1850, and left San Francisco on April 5, 1852, and arrived in Jackson County on May 24, 1852.

On August 16, 1853, Aaron married Thetis Clark Pitcher who was two days shy of being 16 years of age. On June 5, 1854, he purchased the property that is presently the Longview Golf Course that he held all of his life (I believe).

One thing to note is that both Aaron and Thetis spell his name with one "a", that is, Aron. The deed for the farm property is made to Aaron, however. This is probably a Biblically inspired name (as are many of the names in the Noland clan) and Aaron would be correct from that viewpoint; thus, Aaron is probably the correct spelling.

Of interest to me is that Aaron's farm, according to a map of Jackson County property ownership in 1877 prepared by the Jackson County Historical Society, shows that Aaron's property is only one section (diagonally) away from Solomon Young's farm. Solomon Young was Harry Truman's grandfather and made several trips, including a cattle drive, to California about the same time that Aaron went to California. I am wondering whether Aaron may have been part of one of those ventures. I would really be surprised if Aaron did not know and have dealings with Solomon Young due the close proximity of their properties.

The same 1877 map indicates that Aaron's property was nearly adjacent to property owned by his nephew, Joseph T. Noland, who was also the uncle of Harry Truman. I wonder what involvement Aaron may have had with the Youngs and Trumans.

Shortly after David McCullough's book on Truman came out, he appeared on television and marveled at the people that came from Kentucky in the 1840s and speculated that the subject would make a good book. I thought: "Hey, that includes my great-great-grandfather!

One question I have is what the middle initial "M" stands for. Is it McMonigal, Marion (his father's middle name) or something else?