Barnet McMonigal Noland


Barnet McMonigal Noland is the direct ancestor of most of the Noland's with whom I have ever had contact. Barnet was nicknamed Barney. He was a fireman, perhaps a fire captain, and worked out of the old Leeds fire station. Of course, the family lived in the Leeds area, so he could get to work easily.

Several years ago, I viewed very limited records of his retirement pension at the Kansas City Fire Museum, 1019 Cherry, Kansas City, Missouri. (Note: I am not sure if the Museum still exists or if it is still in the same location.)

I am not sure for whom he is named. Two possibilities exist and perhaps he was named Barnet for both reasons. First, the Barnett McMonigal that immigrated from Ireland would have been his grandfather tracing him through the Susan McMonigal who married Francis Noland or his great-grandfather tracing him through Nancy McMonigal who married Smallwood Noland. Since neither Aaron nor Thetis would have known Barnett McMonigal, it is more likely that he is named after Barnett McMonigal Noland who was the bother of Angeline (Thetis' mother) and son of Smallwood and Nancy Noland.

Barnet was born in 1876. At that time Thetis' uncle would have been close to 60, so naming a child after an elderly uncle, perhaps even a favorite uncle, would have been an honor to the elder Barnett. This is speculation on my part, however.

I believe that Barnet died in 1922 following a bout with typhoid fever. Apparently, he survived the typhoid fever, but had been in bed for quite some time. When he got out of bed, he suffered a pulmonary embolism caused by a blood clot that developed due to the length of time he was in bed. Of course, now, we know a lot more about problems like this and he would have been given medication to avoid blood clots and he would have lived much longer in today's world.

There seems to be some question as to whether his Barnet's first name ends with one or two "t"s. "Barnett" is the normal spelling for his ancesortor, Barnett McMonegal. His tombstone clearly shows "Barnet", so that is what I have chosen to use.

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