Frank Aaron Noland


Trolley Bus

Frank Noland and Leland Davis introduce the trolley bus to Kansas City.

Frank Aaron Noland was my maternal grandfather. He died when I was very young. I do not have much written so far, but more will come, of course.

My grandfather worked for the Kansas City Public Service which was Kansas City's streetcar company. Of course, the company transitioned over to buses and was the forerunner of the present Kansas City Area Transportation Authority.

There is some question as to what his position was exactly. My mother says that he was the third from the top in the management of KCPS. I have notes from my grandmother that Leland Davis (shown in the picture to the left) was his boss. At one point I was told he was superintendent of maintenance, responsible for maintenance of the track, power supply and related facilities. I will eventually find out and share my findings with you.

My mother tells me that he was a strong advocate of trolleys and strongly backed the trolley bus. It should be noted that the trolley bus does not pollute the air as do motor driven buses and improves upon the track trolleys in that the bus could pull to the curb to pick up passengers. Track trolley riders often had to cross to the middle of the street through traffic to reach the trolley.

Having come from a long line of Jackson County Nolands, I understand that one of his favorite activities was in the Native Sons of Kansas City.

Frank & Crew - 1927

FRANK & Crew - 1927