Ledstone Noland's grave.


Ledstone Noland's grave in Pitcher Cemetery. The actual inscription is on the reverse side of the tombstone in this picture. The Sons of the American Revolution provided most of the display

Ledstone is the only son of Daniel and Henrietta Noland to come to Jackson County and he came at a rather advanced age. Like his brothers, he served in the Revolutionary War. He is buried in the Pitcher Cemetery in Independence, Jackson County, Missouri, where the SAR has a rather elaborate display for him.

Also, buried in the Pitcher Cemetery is Col. Thomas Pitcher who served under Gen. Sterling Price on the side of the Confederacy and was sheriff of Jackson County from 1844 to 1846. I am not sure how Col. Pitcher fits into the Noland family, but due to the site of Ledstone's burial and due to the fact that Ledstone's daughter, Henrietta, married a Pitcher, there must be some connection.

Ledstone's grandson was Dr. William Whitaker Noland, an early Jackson County doctor. Dr. Noland is not an ancestor of my immediate family, however.