I do not know much about Morgan Pitcher, but will use this opportunity to say that the Pitcher family is of some prominence in Jackson County history. Morgan Pitcher was the father of Col. Thomas Pitcher who served on the side of the Confederacy under Gen. Sterling Price during the Civil War and who was sheriff of Jackson County for two years. As a lieutenant colonel, Pitcher called out the militia during the Mormon struggle on November 5, 1833. There is a Pitcher School and a Pitcher Cemetery. Both the Noland name and the Pitcher name appear on the first page of David McCullough's book on Truman. Morgan Pitcher's father was, also, named Thomas and his mother's name was Susannah although, I do not have her maiden name. Morgan's brothers were James William Pitcher (born 1766 in VA) and John Pitcher (born 1767). Morgan Pitcher was born in 1780. One source I have says there was an additional brother named Thomas Pitcher born 1721/22 in Botetourt, VA but that that is improbable as there are nearly 60 years between 1721 and 1780.