For Whom Is Noland Road Named?

One does not have to live in the Kansas City area very long to know that miracles happen on a road named Noland - part of it is known as the Miracle Mile. But, for which Noland is it named? Whomever it is certainly is rolling over in his or her grave knowing just how commercial the road is and that it is named after him or her.

I do not have the answer to the question and no one else seems to either. The Kansas City Star once reported that it may have been named after Smallwood Noland or perhaps just the Noland family. The Star article made no mention of the fact that there were two Smallwood Nolands. One Noland relative visited Jackson County and posted a statement on the internet that it is named after Francis Noland, apparently because the road was next to or went through Francis' farm.

It is clear that it was named after one or more of my ancestors or kin, but I do not know which one or ones. The question needs additional research.

Last revised on August 16, 2023.