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My dog Junior


My dog Daisy


My dog Boog-A-Loo


Junior, Daisy and Boog-A-Loo were littermates and came to me permanently along with Jody and Buffy - that is right, 5 dogs all at the same time.

I have been told by a veterinarian it is impossible for a litter to have more than one father, but I cannot imagine that each of these dogs had the same father. Junior had all of King's markings and Danny admitted to me that he may have helped King match up with Brownie. I have no idea who may have been Daisy's father, but Boog-A-Loo had markings just like another dog in the neighborhood named Blackie.

They were born about the same time that the Dukes of Hazard were popular on TV. Thus, the kids next door had named them Bo, Luke and Daisy. Since Danny and I thought Bo was the son of King, we had started calling him King Junior long before we knew his name was Bo. I just left him at Junior when I took him in. I already had a Duke and it was not practical to have both a Duke and a Luke, since I doubt that the dogs would be sophisticated enough to distinguish between the minor sound differences in the names. Boog-A-Loo got his name because of how he acted. When I would pick him up and put him down, he would run all over the place. Generally, I called him just "Boog". Daisy stayed at Daisy, because there was no reason to change.

I think that all died of kidney failure. Boog was the first to die when he was only thirteen. He died while lying on my lap. Junior and Daisy lived about another year. Junior died as I was holding him. Daisy died when I was a work, but was non-responsive in a coma when I left her. I stayed with her for a long time, but finally left because I really needed to work.

Actually, Daisy developed kidney failure long before she died - about 2 years, I believe. When she was originally diagnosed, I fed her a low-protien home-made mixure of rice, egg, dog vitamins, oil, potassium salt and some other things. Every morning I would make up a batch of it and run it though my blender and then feed it to her with a horse syringe. She would also eat toast and margarine. This went on for about six months and then she started eating on her own. At some point, she again went off of her feed and I gave her the mixture again for about three months. When she went off of her feed for the third time, however, she rejected the food and that is when she died.

Last revised on September 4, 2023.