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My cat Kit-Kat


Kit-Kat came to me as a sray cat shortly after I moved into my present home that I moved into in December of 2020. But, it did not take him long to become part of my cat family. I do not remember exactly when he arrived, but the first time I saw him he came running down the hill from the north of my house and stopped. At first, I thought he might be Tawny who had disappeared in the previous April. Alas, it was not Tawny! At some point, I noticed that his right ear had been clipped which indicated that he was indeed a stray cat, but someone had cared enough for him that he had been neutered and had received shots.

It took a while, but eventually he became friendly and at some point, I brought him into my house permanently. He presently seems to be quite happy in my house and shows no sign of wanting to get out. He is a great head bunter. He seems to get along with the other cats, though he acts rather tentative around them. Spike (now deceased) never seemed to accept him, however, and spent much time talking to him. Nevertheless, Kit-Kat was very tolerant of him and I saw them physically fight on only one of two occasions.

The veterinarian in 2021 thought that he was about 7 years old.

Last revised on August 29, 2023.