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My cat Marble


Marble was the second cat that came into my life. She did come to me. The first time I saw her was in my back yard where I kept the dogs. I was mowing and looked up and saw a couple of ears above the grass. I did not realize at first that it was a cat, but immediately started to keep the dogs away. Luckily there was an opening in the barn and she was able to escape into the barn.

I saw little of Marble during the summer, but when it started to turn a little colder I started to see more and more of her. I started putting out food and eventually got to pet her and decided to just take her in.

I named her Marble because she has a gray coat with some orange and other colors mixed in. I thought her coat looked like the rock marble. When I called her Cat Marble fast enough, it sounded like Capt. Marvel.

Marble had a weight problem, which I could not solve due to the amount of food around for the dogs and Roadside. She and Roadside have a stand off arrangement. They did not really fight, but if one came too close to the other, they would chase the other.

What is most amazing about both Marble and Roadside is that they have had no apparent desire to go outside. One would think that a cat that had just lived its life outside would run right out the door. Neither cat has ever tried to run outside. Perhaps, they have known which side of the bread is buttered.

Marble died on September 10, 2001, of unknown causes. I cannot remember when I took her in, but I am sure it was in the fall of 1997, so I had her for nearly four years.

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