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My dog Rocky


Rocky came into my life about a year after King. My neighbor had a female dog named Brownie and Rocky was the first of Brownie's puppies that would become part of my life.

Brownie was a young dog when she had Rocky. I think she had had one heat period that had not resulted in any puppies. I do not remember Rocky's litter, but he was definitely the product of Brownie and another neighbor's dog named Charlie. Charlie was an Irish Setter so that is why Rocky has such a setter look to him.

Rocky was the last of the litter to find a home. One day an animal control officer came by our neighborhood. Both Brownie and Rocky were out. Brownie ran home, but Rocky being the big friendly guy that he was went right up to the officer who put him in his truck. He was taken to the city's animal shelter.

My friend Danny and I talked about it. We agreed that we would retrieve Rocky and he could live in my house, but that he would belong to Danny.

Rocky grew to be a very big dog and his heart was as big as he was. Rocky and King became very great friends. They never fought and lived the whole rest of their lives together.

Of course, when Danny died, Rocky became mine, although I kept him in the house where Danny lived, because of Kansas City's law that one could only have four animals per residence. When King became sick, I moved them both to my house, but King did not live very long and then Rocky died a mere week after King did.

There is a lot more to this story!!!

Last revised on August 29, 2023.