Spiders (arthropods) are everywhere! While a few are poisonous, most are beneficial predators and serve a significant role in keeping populations of many insect pests in check. I have a few pictures of them and the webs that they make. Here are a couple, so far:

Spider Web - 2004


One morning in 2004, I awoke to find that a spider had spun a web between two plants and the sun on the morning dew really showed it off. Here it is. I believe that this is the web of the Common (or Yellow) Garden Spider (argiope araneae). The scene was available for only a few minutes.

Spider Web - 2005


On the morning of April 8, 2005, I awoke to find multiple spider webs on various plants (okay, weeds) in my yard. The morning dew and the sun highlighted them. They are probably always there, but one never sees them except when the conditions are just right. These shots are generally available for only the few moments before the sun moves and the dew evaporates. In fact, I was about to photograph one web and my dog hit the plant causing the dew to shake off, ruining the shot! Of course, if I was more diligent in mowing, they would not have been there either - how is that for an excuse? This web is obviously the work of a different type of spider than the web shown in the picture taken in 2004. I believe that this web is the work of a Wolf Spider (lycosidae). This one is woven at random, whereas the web in the 2004 photo is intricately designed!